The Little House Next Door

Ms. Marisela ~ Our Infant Teacher

Here is a teacher with great skill and talent. Marisela enjoys her experiences here at The Little House Next Door very much and we are very happy to have her here. Along with being intuitive where children are concerned in general, she has an awesome mannerism and focus on The Little House Next Door's infants. The relationship an infant teacher has with the child and the parents is crucial and we couldn't have asked for a better fit. Marisela is trusted completely, valued and her skills appreciated so very much. It's awesome to be called, 'The baby whisperer'...   Too Cute!

Ms. Virginia ~ ​Our  Lead Teacher, Threes Teacher​

​Children gravitate towards Virginia. She’s a warm hearted individual who has through the years created a teaching technique that takes little effort and works with amazing results. Children enjoy themselves while learning and they learn so fast in her class! They seek her structured and high expectations environment… after all, this is ‘the big kids” classroom. We are very fortunate to have Virginia at The Little House Next Door.

Bernadette Dimitriadis ~  ​Our Director

​Bernadette brings to The Little House Next Door more than 20 years of experience working with children on all levels. She volunteered and later worked full time for many years at a church based preschool here in Florida, while for 8 years she was the director of a children’s home in New Jersey.  In 2013 she enjoyed working as an Art teacher at a Charter School here in Deland. She holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education from Nova Southeastern University and has Staff and Director Credentials from Florida’s Department of Children and Families. She also holds certifications for Supervisory Front Line Leadership and Case Management Theory and Practice as well as Behavioral Management, Crisis Intervention, Eating Disorders in Children and Adults, Bullying in Children and Youth, and The Mental Health Practitioner’s Guide for Separated and Divorced Parents. Most important of all, Bernadette has a passion and joy for children and their education. She believes strongly in the moto “Fun is Learning and Learning is Fun”, which she implements at The Little House Next Door.

Ms. Andrea ~ ​Our Ones Teacher

 Andrea is a busy lady in our ones room! She has the perfect mentality for working with a group eager to learn and full of mischief. One year old's want to touch, taste and experience everything and Sonia is right there to guide them during this adventurous time. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Andrea at The Little House and hope she remains for years to come. 

Ms. Mayra ~ Our Ones Teacher  

Mayra is a calm and attentive teacher. She works in a super-efficient manner that is the envy of many.  She finds working with the ones very rewarding and fun. I mean really fun. One year olds are a bundle of emotions. They are expressing every emotion through smiles, tears, hitting and giggles and with Mayra, she leads those emotions, she guides them and helps a little one express them, understand them and handle them. It’s a very enjoyable position and we are very pleased to have the skilled Ms. Mayra within The Little House Next Door.

Ms. Mary ~ ​Our VPK Teacher
Mary is responsible for teaching the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten class as well as working closely with parents regarding a child’s guidance in that big step towards Kindergarten. She has guided her students for the past six years with incredible patience, care and commitment.  She truly has an almost indescribable mannerism with the children, bringing out each ones potential in both academics and social behaviors. Children have sought Mary out well after moving on to express their pleasure and thanks at being in her class, and that is one of the best compliments a teacher can receive! We are so grateful to have Ms. Mary and her amazing teaching abilities here at The Little House Next Door.

Child Development Center

Ms. Raquel ~ ​Our Twos, Young Threes Teacher
This room has many very important functions. Raquel can at times have a rough crowd in there! This age is highly sensitized to the personal of everything; the “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” mentality is strong within this age group. Raquel has a patience to be proud of. Her goal is to teach personal space, using our words, thinking of others, accepting no and so many other social-emotional characteristics that a child must learn and understand… all while helping them with self-approval, self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions. We are very proud to have Raquel with this age group... they truly will reap the rewards of life for having her as their devoted teacher. 

Ms. Tina ~ ​Our Twos Teacher

The development of a child and being careful not to miss any windows of opportunity in learning is crucial. Tina has the very valued skills and training of working with two year old's, teaching them through a repetitive and fun manner that goes so far for each child's advancement. Being able to observe and identifying any potential delays or 'hiccups' in development at this time and having such issues addressed promptly is very important. A problem such as a difficulty seeing, when caught early enough, can be corrected without having caused permanent damage. This is what The Little House Next Door is about. What Tina is about... helping our children develop strong, assured and capable. Thank you Tina.

Our Team ~

As a provider of quality care and education, each member of The Little House Next Door staff participates in the required Department of Children and Families training. As a Gold Seal Center, our teacher's participate well beyond the educational requirements per the state and seek to strengthen their skills in classroom and interactions with children and families throughout the year by attending seminars, onsite and online training's as well. These training's reinforce the fundamental concepts of teaching along with focusing on specific development for children within the infant to five year range.   

Ms. Migdalia ~ ​Our Infant Teacher
The Little House Next Door Child Development Center is very proud of its Infant room and the teachers within. This room is so very important and we are blessed to have Migdalia as one of our teachers. Migdalia has been working with her babies for over 30 years and has a full understanding of their needs. However it goes further than that. She supplies more than what’s needed with her enjoyment, her delight and amusement over each achievement and goal accomplished. And she is right there to help celebrate with them and their moms and dads. We thank you Ms. Migdalia for choosing The Little House Next Door to help raise our babies.