Child Development Center

The Little House Next Door

Here is a directory of helpful sites that may be of assistance to you and your family. Never hesitate to ask! We never know when a support system may be there for us, just for the asking. 

     ​The House Next Door nurtures and empowers families to help strengthen communities ~ And it really does! For over 40 years this organization has been offering countless services to strengthen families here in Volusia and Flagler county. The House Next Door has served more than 50,000 families since 1976, assisting parents in retaining, or in many cases achieving for the first time, strong positive parental leadership and respectful relationships within the family. The programs at The House Next Door serve children in school, the community and their home. Often, we must address our personal health and wellness first, in order to strengthen our families. Please look into services available on the website and never hesitate to ask.  

The Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia ( is an advocate of the community. With connections and the leadership of the Office of Early Learning for the state of Florida, they assist families with financial aid in caring for their children and they regulate and offer training's to child care providers.  It’s a win-win situation! Don’t hesitate to call them, stop by a local office or go to their website and apply. 

More to come ~

Always Ask!  There are many resources within our community just for the asking ~